Fraud actions post Brexit: how might they be managed?

Fraud Actions post-Brexit: How might they be managed?

Handout from talk given by Anthony Trace QC of 4 Pump Court on 28 March 2019.

Freezing the assets of third parties: the continuing development of the Chabra jurisdiction

Handout - Freezing Injunctions and Assets in the Hands of Third Parties - by Neil Hext QC and Dan Saoul of 4 New Square

Freezing Third Party Assets

Slides and Handout from talk to the CFLA given by Neil Hext QC and Dan Saoul of 4 New Square on 6 June 2018.

A review of the expansion of the High Court’s jurisdiction to grant freezing orders against third parties, be they accomplices, corporate alter egos, wives and husbands or innocent bystanders. The talk covered the recent jurisprudence in this area in relation to injunctions in support of both litigation as well as arbitration, with an emphasis on raising awareness of the range of circumstances in which such injunctions might be obtained and how they might resisted; and also the growing use of Section 423 of the Insolvency Act 1986 in fraud disputes.

Search Orders – from 3 perspectives

Slides for Search Orders-from 3 perspectives

The F Word and Mediation

The F Word and Mediation

When is Financial Market Trading Criminal?

Common Law offences and markets -Tony Shaw QC - notes

Common Law offences and markets - Tony Shaw QC - slides

Internal Investigations - Subsequent Use During Criminal Proceedings -Allison Clare - presentation

Practical Difficulties in Prosecuting and Defending in Trader Fraud Cases - Gillian Jones - presentation

Differences in Approach between the SFO and the FCA - Max Baines - slides

Commercial Fraud: Recent Developments in the Offshore World

Commercial Fraud Recent Developments in the offshore world


Cyber Security: Litigation and Regulatory Risk

Claims against banks in the context of fraud after Jeremy D Stone Consultants Ltd & Anr v. National Westminster Bank Plc & Or

When can a defrauded claimant seek restitution from the fraudster's bank?

Banks, Fraud & Unjust Enrichment - Jeremy D Stone Consultants Ltd v. Nat West Bank Plc [2013] EWHC 208 (Ch.)

Three Recent Developments in Fraud

Lis pendens: Recent developments under the Judgments Regulation

Norwich Pharmacal Relief in aid of Foreign Proceedings

Fortifications of Cross-undertakings

Recent Developments in the Law of Contempt

Recent Developments in the Law of Contempt

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