Supervising Solicitors for Search Orders

Supervising solicitors are court appointed solicitors who have experience in the execution of court orders such as search and doorstep delivery up orders.

Executing a search order is often plagued with difficulties. Careful advanced planning with the search team and communication are crucial especially if you have a number of target sites (including computers to search and image) and respondents on which to serve.

A first essential is therefore a good experienced search team. When selecting a supervising solicitor to be part of that search team it is important to have regard to the complexity of the situations they have previously dealt with and the sensitivity of the situations they are at ease with handling.
The supervising solicitor acts independently of the parties and serves the order on the respondent, explaining its meaning and consequences and supervises the order being carried out by the applicant’s representatives. All steps taken during the search are:-

  1. Supervised by the supervising solicitor;
  2. Carried out in the presence of the respondent or his solicitor;  and
  3. Must be sanctioned by the court order.

The decision as to who to appoint as the supervising solicitor is therefore crucial – they will be the first person to contact the respondent and secure the search site. The working relationship they are able to build with the parties is extremely important and often dictates how successfully orders are carried out. Improper or oppressive conduct by the parties during the search’s execution can be, via the supervising solicitors’ report, the subject of unwelcome court criticism and could be a contempt of court.

Find a supervising solicitor

Here is a list of those CFLA members who have confirmed that they have experience in acting as a supervising solicitor*:

SurnameFirst nameFirmEmailTelephone
BrownDavidPannone Solicitorsdavid.brown@pannonecorporate.com0161 393 9030
ChristopherWilliamKingsley Napley 7566 2967
ColstonJaneBrown Rudnick LLPjcolston@brownrudnick.com0207 851 6059
CoulsonFrancesMoon Beever Solicitorsfcoulson@moonbeever.com020 7539 4114
Diaz-RaineyJulianPinsent Masons LLPjulian.diaz-rainey@pinsentmasons.com0161 250 0236
GabrielSarahPeters & Peterssgabriel@petersandpeters.com020 7822 7730
GrantPaulBSG Solicitors LLPpaul@bsgsolicitors.com020 8343 4411
HunterDiptiPricewaterhouseCoopers LLPdipti.hunter@pwc.com020 7213 5028
IsaacsMichaelPinsent Masons LLPmichael.isaacs@pinsentmasons.com0207 490 6505
de JonghAlexBates Wells and Braithwaite LLPa.dejongh@bwbllp.com020 7551 7832
JonsonPaulPannone Solicitorspaul.jonson@pannonecorporate.com0161 393 9035
KatzLaurenceGunner Cookelaurence.katz@gunnercooke.com03330 143 401
LoblowitzDanielJury O'Shea LLPdaniel.loblowitz@juryoshea.com020 3735 7379
MascarenhasTrevorPCB Litigationtam@pcblitigation.com020 7831 2691
McGuirkMelaniePannone Solicitorsmelanie.mcguirk@pannonecorporate.com0161 393 9040
OakleyRobertBates Wells and Braithwaite LLPr.oakley@bwbllp.com020 7551 7792
OliverKeithPeters & Peterskeoliver@petersandpeters.com020 7822 7722
PenningtonMartinPannone Solicitorsmartin.pennington@pannonecorporate.com0161 393 9038
PhilippsohnStevenPCB Litigationsnp@pcblitigation.com020 7831 2691
RatcliffNickPCB Litigationnr@pcblitigation.com020 7831 2691
RiemAnthonyPCB Litigationajr@pcblitigation.com020 7831 2691
RobsonMalcolmBates Wells and Braithwaite LLPm.robson@bwbllp.com020 7551 7797
SimpsonFionaKingsley Napley 7814 1231
TicknerJonathanPeters & Petersjtickner@petersandpeters.com020 7822 7766
WoodlandJasonPeters & Petersjwoodland@petersandpeters.com020 7822 7760

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